Aircraft Asset Monitoring Inspections / Mid Lease Surveys

However these inspections are known in your organisation Aerotech International is happy to assist with anything from an adhoc survey to fill the gaps in your inspections program to managing your inspections for you, ensuring the reports are delivered completed and audited within your timescale requirements and in whatever reporting format you require.
Our experienced team of inspectors / auditors can quickly gauge the condition of your aircraft asset and the associated records.

Aircraft Lease Transitions

Aerotech International can supply either specific specialist assistance or a full team to manage the transition of your aircraft between operators or acceptance prior to parking or part out. We can inspect your aircraft and records to ensure compliance with lease return covenants and manage any required modifications and packaging of the records prior to their presentation to the next customer.
We also have a number of experienced redelivery project managers who are more than capable of running the complete transition on your behalf.

Aircraft Customer Inspection Visit Assistance

We are happy to assist with escorting your customers on pre-lease / purchase visits to aircraft being marketed. We can help arrange security access and coordinate the entire visit ensuring your customer is well looked after and gets to see everything they need and gather on their behalf all the information they need to make the right decision.

Aircraft Repossessions

When financial situations change, you can rely on Aerotech International to be able to support the recovery of your Aircraft and Records Assets. We can help move the aircraft to a "safe" location and we can assist with such things as Re registering the aircraft onto a safe / neutral register such as the Isle of Man and Manage the Aircraft through a Maintenance Check and Modification Package to bring it back into easily marketable condition.
Once the aircraft is secure and ready to market we can then manage the transition onto the next Lessee / Owner and state of registry.

Records Scanning

Whether as part of a hand back, asset monitoring exercise or a stand alone project, Aerotech International can scan the aircraft associated records and index them to your specific requirements, allowing for easy retrieval. This is an invaluable service to ensure the safety of the aircraft records as well as having all the necessary and latest information available at your fingertips.

Maintenance Representation

Aerotech International can provide an experienced Licensed Aircraft Engineer to be present during the maintenance input; ensuring that any non-routine work or spares ordered are within reasonable cost estimates. We can also carry out a desk-based review of your maintenance invoices and highlight any anomalies that may require addressing with the maintenance organisation.

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